Green Mountain Wifi Digital Control Board for Daniel Boone Grills

Upgrade Non-Wifi GMG Grills with an Easy to Install Wifi Enabled Control Board
Upgrade Non-Wifi GMG Grills with an Easy to Install Wifi Enabled Control Board
GMG Wifi Grills offer 3 ways to easily connect to your grill.  Point to Point, Router, Cloud Server
Set your Green Mountain WiFi Grill anywhere from 150 Degrees to 500 Degrees
Green Mountain Grills Wifi App.  Control, Monitor, and Create Custom Instructions for your grill to
Product Number: GMG-6016-DB
Package Size: Daniel Boone
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How to Install GMG Wifi Control Board:

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Six Easy to Follow Steps to Upgrade your Daniel Boone Grill Controller to Wifi:

  1. Unplug your Daniel Boone Grill before you begin
  2. Remove the (2) screws/bolts on the front of the Old Control Board Panel
  3. Pull the control panel out towards you. Let the control panel hang.
  4. Carefully remove the two smaller plugs from the back / top of the control panel.
  5. Carefully remove the large main plug.  This will release the entire Control Board.
  6. Attach your New Wifi Enabled Control Board by reversing the steps above.
Product Specifications:

Upgrade Non Wifi GMG Grills with an easy to Install Wifi Enabled Control Board.

 Control Your GMG Pellet Grill from any smartphone or tablet.  Create custom grilling instructions for your grill to follow, all from the comfort of your home.







All NEW Wifi Enabled Control Boards for Green Mountain Grills:

  • Control your Grill(s) from your smartphone or tablet
  • Create Programmable Custom Grilling Instructions for your grill to follow
  • Monitor Internal Meat Temperatures (Never Over or Undercook Again!)
  • Turn your Grill On/Off from the Comfort of your home

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