Quest Chemical 925012 The Magician, 30/Case

Quest Chemical 925012 The Magician, 30/Case
Quest Chemical 925012 The Magician, 30/Case
Product Number: 30946
Manufacturer: Quest
Product Details:
The Magician, from Quest, features two layers of melamine, held together by a durability strip, provides chemical-free cleaning. Just use water to remove a myriad of stains. Works on all surfaces including walls, wallpaper, wood floors, countertops, leather and so much more. Use until white melamine cleaning surfaces are gone.
Product Specifications:
Model Number: 925012QC
Case Pack: 30
2 layers of melamine separated by a durability strip
Instantly removes scuff marks, grime, soap scum, tar, permanent marker, crayon marks, graffiti, lipstick, fingerprints, luggage marks, tea, coffee and wine stains
Eliminates stubborn stains on walls, wallpaper, doors, floorboards, tile, wood flooring, countertops, work surfaces, lockers, signs, dry-erase boards, copy machines, vinyl, glass, plastic trim, leather, hard furniture, outdoor furniture, shower doors, car wheels, stainless cookware, computer monitors and hardware, church pews, sneakers and more
Chemical free; simply use water
3 layers include a durability strip for performance and prolonged use
Dispose when white melamine cleaning surface is completely gone
HMIS Codes: H-0, F-0, R-0, P-A