EMI 2010 Flashback Five™ Light Batons

Product Number: 30788
Manufacturer: Emergency Medical Instruments
Product Specifications:
Model Number: EMI2010
Size: 13.5" L
Color: Red/Blue
Weight: 1 lb
Made of durable ABS plastic
Bright, versatile, compact light
It can be a signal light, a vehicle warning light or an on-the-scene dash or deck light
Its five-stage switch delivers red, blue, red/blue alternating, red/blue blend or flashback signals that can be seen for up to a mile away, thanks to 20 powerful LED bulbs
Plus, it flashes continuously for 300 hours and its 360 degrees of bright light ensures daytime and nighttime visibility in any kind of weather
Uses four AA batteries (not included) and has a textured grip with a wrist strap and built-in belt clip