Brady 79825 “Hot Water Return”, Medical Gas Pipe Marker, Black on Yellow

Product Number: 30408
Manufacturer: Brady
Product Specifications:
Model Number: 79825, 90067, 90077, 90224
Size: 2.25" H x 14" W
Material Description: High Performance Vinyl
Character Height: 2"
Outside Pipe Diameter: 2.5" - 7.875"
Markers meet the requirements of the ASME (ANSI) A13.1 Standard for the identification of piping system contents when used with Directional Flow Arrow Tape
Markers are made of durable vinyl that is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments and are supplied on a coated backing material that makes handling and installation easy
Marker ends should be banded with Brady Directional Flow Arrow tape to indicate pipe content flow direction
One 2.25" H x 14" W marker per card