JL Industries 1013G10 Amber/FB Surface Mount w/Lock, Extinguisher Cabinet

Product Number: 30113
Manufacturer: J L Industries
Product Details:
These handsome Ambassador Series Cabinets keep extinguishers handy, but out of the way. Manufactured by J.L. Industries, these sturdy steel cabinets feature an electrostatic white epoxy finish, continuous hinge door, double-strength door glass and a 1 1/4" face width on the trim and door. Ambassador Cabinets come in surface mount, fully recessed (flat) and semi-recessed (1 1/2" or 3" trim) models. The 3" trim model has rolled edge construction, the others are square edged. Glass doors have standard door hardware (zinc-plated pull handle and roller catch).
Product Specifications:
Model Number: 1015F10, 1815F10, 2015F10, 1816F10, 1816G10, 1017F10, 1817F10, 1017G10, 1817G10, 1013F10, 1013G10
NOTE: Add wall material thickness to wall depth when determining cabinet size (example: a standard 2 X 4" stud wall with 1/2" sheetrock would equal a 4" wall depth)