Solar PI15000X Power Inverter, 1500W

Product Number: 23671
Manufacturer: Solar
Product Details:
SOLAR Power Inverters, featuring our exclusive Sonic Compression technology, deliver clean, reliable ac power from a 12 Volt power source. SOLAR Power Inverters utilize a proprietary modified sine wave to provide stable, clean and reliable power throughout the operating range of the inverter. Model PI15000X features a power display that shows input voltage and output wattage to more easily manage your power demands. It utilizes industrial grade components and performance and is designed to deliver power to a wide variety of electronics, appliances and power tools.

* 1500W Continuous Power
* 3000W Peak Power
* (3)110VAC Outlets
* Power display showing input voltage and output wattage for easy power demand management
* Overload protection
* Overheat protection
* Under voltage audible alarm
* Over/under voltage shut-down
* Short circuit protection
Product Specifications:
* Continuous Power: 1500W
* Peak Power: 3000W
* 110V Outlets: 3
* Power Display: Yes
* Overload Protection: Yes
* Overheat Protection: Yes
* Under Voltage Alarm: Yes
* Over/Under Voltage Shut-down: Yes
* Short Circuit Protection: Yes