Solar PI10000X Power Inverter, 1000W

Product Number: 23670
Manufacturer: Solar
Product Details:
SOLAR Power Inverters, featuring our exclusive Sonic Compression technology, deliver clean, reliable ac power from a 12 Volt power source. SOLAR Power Inverters utilize a proprietary modified sine wave to provide stable, clean and reliable power throughout the operating range of the inverter. Model PI10000X features industrial grade components and performance and is designed to deliver power to a wide variety of electronics, appliances and power tools.

* 1000W Continuous Power
* 2000W Peak Power
* (2)110VAC Outlets
* Overload protection
* Overheat protection
* Under voltage audible alarm
* Over/under voltage shut-down
* Short circuit protection
Product Specifications:
* Continuous Power: 1000W
* Peak Power: 2000W
* 110V Outlets: 2
* Power Display: No
* Overload Protection: Yes
* Overheat Protection: Yes
* Under Voltage Alarm: Yes
* Over/Under Voltage Shut-down: Yes
* Short Circuit Protection: Yes