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Free Shipping and Free Accessories on Davy Crockett Wifi Tailgate Pellet Grill Package
Free Shipping and Free Accessories on Davy Crockett Wifi Tailgate Pellet Grill Package
Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Online Grill Package with Free Delivery and Free Accessories
Green Mountain Grills Free Carrying Tote Bag for Wifi Enabled Tailgate Grill
Green Mountain Grill Cover included for Free with Free Shipping
Green Mountain Grill with Free Pellets and Free Shipping
GMG Smoker Grill Online Deal with Free BBQ Rubs and Free Freight
GMG Grill with Free BBQ Sauce and Free Shipping
Product Number: DCWF_PackageDeal
Manufacturer: Green Mountain Grills
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All Green Mountain Grills are In StockGreen Mountain Grills Wifi App.  Control, Monitor, and Create Custom Instructions for your grill to follow.
Call Toll Free:  (888) 313-2737 for more information


  • Digital Controller - Control temperature from 150-550 Degrees F (5 Degree Increments)
  • Smoke or Sear - Open Flame Technology
  • Meat Probe - Instantly displays internal temperature of food on the digital controller
  • Cooking Surface - 219 Sq. Inches
  • Only 57 Lbs
  • 3-in-1 Power: Includes AC Wall Adapter, 12V "Alligator" Clamps, and 23 Foot Vehicle Adapter
Product Specifications:

Green Mountain Grill Package Online Sale with Free Shipping and Free Grill Accessories

Davy Crockett Wifi Pellet Grill Online Package Includes:

  • (1) Davy Crockett Wifi Grill (DCWF)
  • (1) Davy Crockett Grill Cover
  • (1) Davy Crockett Grill Carrying Tote Bag
  • (2) Green Mountain Grill BBQ Rubs
  • (2) Green Mountain Grill BBQ Sauces
  • (2) Gourmet Blend Premium Wood Pellets (2 - 8 Lbs Bags)

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