IPA Tools 8016 Fuse Saver Master Kit

IPA Tools 8016 Fuse Saver Master Kit
IPA Tools 8016 Fuse Saver Master Kit
Product Number: 21399
Manufacturer: IPA Tools

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Product Details:

The Fuse Saver® provides a fantastic solution to the old methods of “smoke testing" a short. You can dive into dashboards, kick panels, and inner fender wells without having to stop what you are doing and lose your position.
The Fuse Saver Master Kit includes:
* 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 amp breaker handles
* 10 ft cord with the dual connector
* BuzzAlert module
* Complete Fuse Box Adapter Set
* Custom Case

Product Specifications:

* BuzzAlert #8011
The BuzzAlert module clicks onto your existing
Fuse Saver® to provide an audible alert when the
circuit triggers, notifying a short circuit.

* 30 AMP FuseSaver
30 Amp Fuse Saver® Handle is a great addition to the Standard Kit #8005.
* Fuse Box Adapter Kit
The new Fuse Box Adapter Set allows the Fuse
Saver® access to a wide variety of fuse boxes
including FLF, FLS, JCase, MAXI, Female Maxi,
screwon style PAL, European ceramic and all glass
style fuse applications.
Have you ever had a blown fuse and wished you had 30 new fuses so you could keep replacing the blown fuse until you found the short? Now the Fuse Saver is here. Just plug in the Fuse Saver's fuse box adapter into the blown fuse socket and troubleshoot the short. If the circuit overloads, just depress the breaker button on the top of the handle and you can continue working until you find the problem. The fuse saver comes with three breaker handles, 10amp, 15amp and 20amp. An optional 5amp handle is available.