MSA 488132 Polycarbonate Visor, Clear (formed), 8 x 16 x .060

MSA 488132 Polycarbonate Visor, Clear (formed), 8 x 16 x .060
MSA 488132 Polycarbonate Visor, Clear (formed), 8 x 16 x .060
Product Number: 32687
Manufacturer: MSA
Product Details:
All MSA Faceshields and Visors meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 (high impact) standards, except the wire screen visor, which meets the "basic" portion of Z87. Use MSA Visors only with MSA frames, and assemblies, to comply with ANSI Z87.1-2003.
Product Specifications:
Model Number: 488131, 488132, 10005882, 457409, 10017934
Visors should always be worn with primary eye protection such as high impact-resistant spectacles or goggles
Visors should be inspected frequently and replaced immediately if worn, scratched or damaged in any way
Selection of proper models for specific hazards and communication of all instructions, precautions, and limitations to the wearer is the responsibility of user safety specialists, who are also responsible to see that they are strictly observed
Failure to comply with any of the above could result in serious injury or death
Maintenance: Clean visor with mild soap and water; Cleaning dry or with coarse cloth will scratch the visor
Do not use MSA visors for welding, elevated temperature applications, or for protection against other infrared radiation sources unless the MSA visor is approved for such applications
Do not use for sports, simulated war games, paintball games, or similar activities
A pitted or scratched visor reduces eye protection and vision
Inspect routinely and replace worn or damaged parts immediately
Do not alter or modify product
Do not use near open flame
Failure to follow these warnings can result in permanent impairment of sight, other serious personal injury, or death