Gojo 9018-02 Purell® Sanitizing Wipes, 700/Pk, 2 Pk/Cs.

Product Number: 50545
Manufacturer: Gojo Industries
Product Details:
Purell® Sanitizing Wipes, 700/Pouch, 2 Pouch/Cs.
* All the germ-killing benefits of PURELL, America°s #1 instant hand sanitizer, in a non-linting, durable wipe. Textured for superior cleaning. Sanitizes hands while wiping away light soils and dirt. Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. Convenient, easy to use and ideal for offices, law enforcement, restaurants, health clubs or anywhere else germs may be.
* 6" X 8" Sanitizing Wipes
* 700 Wipes / Pouch
* 2 Pouch / Case
* Dispensers: 9019-01, 9017-01